Kim says...

After close to 30 years of working as a casting director in Commercials, Film, TV and Voice-Over, I have become an expert at what I do.
I love being able to share this with people of all ages that would like to learn more about production, get necessary resources, network with industry professionals and mostly, be pointed in the right direction when desiring to pursue their dream of working as an actor “in the business”. 

I have the dream job and can show you how to have yours too!

Having so much experience in working with clients, actors, and models on a regular basis, I created The Casting Gym. A casting and recording studio that serves as a resource for talent and their auditioning needs. Being able to practice BEFORE the casting and finding professional, industry resources is now available to talent through The Casting Gym

The casting session is not the time to practice and after so many castings, I saw a need for talent to have a real-life studio setting that gave talent a chance to PRACTICE BEFORE THE AUDITION. I created The Casting Gym to model a real gym and how “working out” is crucial to an actor. 

“Dedication and consistency will get you results in being cast”.

Our classes MOCK the actual auditions AND actual shoots.

“There is something for everyone if it is your dream to be in this business” and I want to share my decades of resources with others. It is so important that every actor feel prepared for the audition. It is a life changing opportunity.