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Please realize that as a member of TCG you have a CASTING GUIDE when you need it for advice, audition prep questions, coaching help by Skype or privately on camera, resources for everything needed for auditions & production!

I have been in "the biz" for almost 30 yrs now & have tons of friends, contacts, producers, directors, photographers, musicians, studios, clients, agents, managers & talent that I connect with for various reasons that I can share with YOU! A private 1 on 1 is always best to get you ON CAMERA with a fresh slate that we can share & use & send to you as well as updates & goals for us to work on as a team. Book online or email for an invoice when you are ready to schedule this private session.

Casting Gym coaches (CGC) are my favorite local actors that I would recommend for almost ANY casting over the years.They are terrific readers, instructors for self tapes & working actors that can help you on auditions.

As a casting director, I am used to watching auditions in person & online so I have come to know what clients want to see & how they book talent. I have been in thousands of casting sessions, callbacks & on sets in the past 2 decades to be able to specialize in my field for this long! I love working with talent & giving them insight to my side of the camera & how much this shared information can be a game changer! Book a 1 on 1 today & let's get started!

Consider joining our Voice Over division. The Casting Gym's VO Audition Clubhouse Get weekly coaching in reading out-loud, articulation, annunciation, working with deadlines & most of all teaching YOU how to be accountable & responsible for practice appointments & casting deadlines so you are ready for the REAL THING! Get actual paid castings too! It's FUN & VO IS A WONDERFUL SKILL FOR EVERYONE & IT IS LUCRATIVE. Speaking well, using your voice creatively is a great skill. The gateway to real acting is in the voice! A $20 Monthly fee available to CGM's only to participate in the weekly workouts.

Blocks can be used towards Skype sessions & taping sessions
See BLOCK vs CLASS description
BLOCK TRAINING SESSION PACKAGE 6 Blocks (6 privates or 15 hrs of combo training) $450
BLOCK TRAINING SESSION SINGLE 1 BLOCK OF TIME that is 1-3 hrs (depending on sign ups) $75
SINGLE 1 HR CLASS PACKAGE $25 per 1 hr classes (min of 3 classes required) $75
Classes need to be taken within 2 months
No credit or refunds


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